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Table Service POS Software.


Give your customers a reason to return

Volanté Table Service POS provides the features and flexibility restaurants need, regardless of the nature of their operations, be it fine dining or casual dining, bar, delivery or all of the above!

Split checks? Combine checks? Transfer checks? Split a single item such as an appetizer among seats. Start a bar tab with a credit card and move it to the dining room when your diners do. Recall checks by simply touching the table on the screen. Manage the timing of courses through our “hold” and “fire” feature. Any and all of these can be accommodated easily through regular workstations or handheld restaurant POS devices.

Features Include:

  • Simply easy-to-use software
  • Colorful menu screen buttons that can be easily programmed
  • Check or item splitting and combining
  • Voids, order changes special requests – eliminate unnecessary trips to kitchen
  • Automatic order routing to kitchen or bar areas
  • Easily processes coupons, gift certificates and other special offers
  • Instantly add an item from any POS workstation allowing for on-the-fly modifiers.
  • Integrated electronic payment processing
  • Loss prevention integration
  • Delivery and to-go management – maintain delivery sales
  • Platform independence — choose hardware of your needs and operating systems of choice
  • Built-in redundancy – avoid data loss and POS system downtime
  • Real-time reporting provides sales, discounts, profitability and much more
  • Centralized POS management – quickly update pricing, menus and promotions
  • Modular, flexible design that can grow with your business
  • Written in pure Java, all the information needed is generated in real time, quickly and easily
  • Many more…


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