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Mobile Apps.


Volanté’s Playt is turning POS systems from cost centers to revenue generating marketing tools!


What is Playt:

Playt allows customers to connect to your restaurant through their mobile devices It combines marketing, direct customer communication and self-serve kiosk into one powerful tool.

Marketing Tool:

  • Playt is a marketing platform that is fully integrated with Volanté POS Systems
  • Enhances the impression of your restaurant
  • Capable of publishing daily specials, events and coupons directly to your customers
  • Can be tailored to send targeted promotional material based on customer dining habits
  • Detailed customer reports of dining habits and dining history for analysis purposes
  • Be part of a large marketing network platform that provides a fun, rewarding, attractive, and addictive dining experience for your customers

Loyalty Program:

  • Create loyalty programs that are accessible through mobile apps such as points and VIP discounts
  • Improve customer service by providing staff with previous dining experiences


Self-Serve Kiosk:

  • Customers can use their phone as a self serve kiosk for ordering – Dine-In, Delivery and Take-Out
  • Reduce wait times during peak hours by allowing customers to pre-order while waiting in line
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No special training, setup, infrastructure or extra costly hardware is required, the entire package is just part of your POS system

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