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Head Office Management.


Simple to use, yet extremely powerful, Volanté Head Office Management Tool provides enterprise business intelligence to corporate, regional and store managers.

Volanté Head Office Management Tool allows for the management of all locations from one central corporate source. Whether it’s changing a restaurant menu item or reformatting the layout of corporate reports, Volanté’s engine provides you with the flexibility to customize details to any specification from a single enterprise location.

With incomparable operational capability, a comprehensive feature set, powerful reporting abilities, superior fail-safe data redundancy and data synchronization management, Volanté offers an integrated, enterprise system solution designed to raise the level of your business practice.

Features Include:

  • Enterprise Management
    • Contains a synchronized view of the entire operation
    • Organizes all data required to make informed decisions
    • Provides on-demand ability to make changes across the entire enterprise
    • True two-way data-synchronization allowing changes and configurations to be made at store or head office
    • Granular security parameters can be setup for access
    • Supports rolling upgrades and multiple version support
  • Centralized Configuration Manager
    • Central management of menus, securities, screens, promotions and configurations
    • Send configurations like new menu items, price changes, and hardware changes to desired stores
    • Control security and permissions at all locations
    • Supports multiple concepts, multiple regions,and multiple locations
  • Enterprise Reporting
    • Aggregate of all transactional data from all your sales channels into a single repository
    • Examine data across many different dimensions: by geography, sales channels, categories of merchandise, and types of transactions, such as returns and exchanges
    • Evaluate performance on a wide range of parameters, identify emerging trends ahead of your competitors, and spot anomalies
    • Drill down through the data from the regional to the store level and even as far as the individual transaction

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